St Mary's Catholic Primary School was built by the Order of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God who are the owners of the site and buildings. The school was built to serve the families of the Parish of St Marys, and many of the  current parents were pupils themselves of the school. The SMG order has now decided to hand the trusteeship of the school to Clifton Diocese, in line with other Catholic schools in the DIocese. The Order continues, however, to retain ownership of the buildings and the land. The school has strong links with the parish and the parish priest is a regular visitor there to celebrate Masses and to attend school events. The school aims to provide children with a firm foundation of faith, confidence and a love of learning as a basis on which to begin their journey through life.

Further information about the school, and the School Mission Statement  can be found on the school website:

Some of the SMG sisters with Father Millett. From left to right: Sister Kathleen Coleman SMG, Sister Mary Whelan SMG, Father Millett (Parish Priest), Sister Margaret Doyle SMG, Sister Mary Dunlea SMG