August Newsletter from Canon Millett

1. Our thanks to Kitty's Café leaders shopping for, and delivering food and help to the elderly and those in need.

2. Since the weekend of July 4/5, our Sunday Masses and weekday Masses have resumed thanks to parishioners volunteering as Ministers of Welcome, offering hand gel to those arriving for Mass.

3. For Sunday Mass, places must be booked by signing names for the 50 places available.

4. As well as signing  you may email: or phone 652404.

5. There is no need to sign or phone for weekday Masses. See weekly bulletin for full details.

6. The church is now closed on Thursdays as Canon Millett complies with Diocesan guidelines and takes one day off for rest and relaxation.

7. Have we any problems? Yes. A few people arrive too early for Mass, especially on Saturday evenings, and are unhappy to stay in the porch to welcome peolpe with hand gel.

8. To help.... we give the following guidelines:

      a)  Saturday Mass:  we arrive and open up at 4.45pm - not before..

      b) Weekday mornings:  We open at 9.30, so please arrive from 9.40.

9.  Renewed thanks to:

     a) Parishioners  continuing to help at Foodbank

     b) Parishioners 'spraying' after all Masses

     c) Parishioners removing gloves and masks as they walk to communion

     d) Parishioners who have handed in weekly offerings, standing orders and Easter offerings

     e) Our Sacristan and flower arranger, gardeners and care of the church group

10.  We pray for all our sick, especially Syd, Rob, Hazel, Pete D., Sue, dahlia, Rita J., anne-Marie Naylor and Father Martin Griffin.

11.  First Communion:  As parents of this year's First Communion children have not yet returned to Mass with their children, we are unable to set a date.

With gratitude, I pray God's blessing in all of you.

Canon J.D.Millett


Masses in St Mary's Church from 4 July

1.   As from next weekend, Sunday and weekday Masses will resume in church, but with restrictions limiting numbers to 50 or fewer. Masses will be celebrated at 5.30pm on Saturday and 9.30am and 6.30pm on Sunday. Weekday Masses will resume as normal from Monday 6 July.

2.   In order for us to be sure of numbers, you are requested to let us know  which Mass you will be attending by emailing . Unless you hear to the contrary, you can assume that your request has been accepted.

3.  When you come to Mass, please bring a mask/face covering, gloves and hand sanitizing gel.

4.  It would be preferable if you could sit to pray rather than kneeling. However, if you wish to kneel, please bring a cloth to wipe the kneeler.

5. Stewards will guide you,  especially at Communion. DIstribution will be rather slow and require patience.

6.  Using prudence and common sense, the 75% of Clifton Diocese clergy who are over 70 remain loyal and faithful to our Bishop and parishioners and will continue to serve the faithful if they have the help and cooperation of more parishioners.

7.  So... there will be Masses and confessions as explained at weekend.

8.  If we cannot accommodate more than 150 for Sunday Masses, then you may wish to attend Monday or Tuesday weekday Masses. However, is reaffirmed that, at present, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended.

9. Collections will now resume, as will Easter offerings, which will be taken to the bank as soon as possible.

10. To uplift us also you should know that we have the baptism of a baby, an Emerald Wedding and a 50th birthday to celebrate next weekend, and for all that we say ''Praise the Lord''.

11. If we are able to resume our Bulletin, you are asked to please take the Bulletin home with you as we cannot leave paper in church.  There will be no hymn books, no Mass cards, no organ and no choir.

12. Mass server will be limited to 1 or 2 and there will be no incense.

13. To our Eucharistic ministers/readers Canon Millett says  "I count on your loyalty at this time - regardless of age".

Newsletter from Canon Millett - 26 June 2020

1.  It is a great joy to inform parishioners that St Mary's church is now open every day for private/silent prayer from 11.00am - 12.00 noon

2. A huge thanks to the parishioners acting as stewards for one hour per week. Would you like to join them? If so, contact Auxilia, our coordinator.

3.  It is very encouraging to see parishioners praying before the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle.

4.  I encourage parents to bring their children to church on Saturday or Sunday morning for private prayer.

5.  Mathew would welcome used cards for his good work for Alzheimers. Phone him on 658044 to arrange collection/delivery as we cannot leave paper in the church at this time.

6.  Sick: We pray for Graham and Dahlia Masters, Peter Donegan and continue to pray for Syd, Rob, Jane and Hazel. Anne Marie Naylor is now added to this list.

7.  If you visit the presbytery you will see a photograph of my niece and godchild, Fiona, on her wedding day with Hugh, her husband. and myself officiating. Hugh died from a tragic accident on their farm last Friday. His funeral has now taken place. Please pray for the repose of his soul and remember Fiona in your prayers. Many thanks.

8. I continue to remember you all in my daily Mass and prayers and value your prayers for me and, as I always say, ''God never stops loving us''.

Sincerely Yours

Canon Desmond Millett

 Newsletter from Canon Millett - 1 June 2020

  1.  Thanks to Auxilia who donated and arranged the beautiful flowers in memory of Bernard (RIP) as we celebrated Pentecost Sunday.

  2. Monday 1st June, Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church. We pray and ask Mary to intercede for all children and staff resuming lessons at St Mary's School and congratulate them on the very positive and affirmative Section 48 report.

  3. Finance - renewed thanks for Standing Orders, our main source of income while the Church remains closed. Dated cheques are valid for 6 months. As the Parish priest, Administrator and Treasurer are under lockdown, we are unable to get to the bank as yet. Clifton Diocese warns us of bogus calls re. finance, so any parishioners leaving messages on the phone should identify themselves please.

  4. Parish hall - Wessex Water located a water leak in our hall from a hot water tap in the ladies' toilet. It appears to have been left running since the start of the lockdown. Following visits from a plumber and Ultra Warm  engineers, new taps and a new boiler have been ordered for our hall.

  5. Baptisms will take place when the church reopens for Mass.

  6. First Communion will take place in September.

  7. Our garden - thanks to David, Patrick and Tony Harbour for their continued help.

  8. Prayers for our sick - George McCann (Fairways), at home but undergoing treatment. Syd, Rob, Hazel, Jane, Peter D. and Rita Johnson.

  9. I renew my thanks to Irene and Rowena for Kitty's Café shopping and to Angela (cooking from home) and for so many phone calls offering help. Daily, but privately, I offer Mass in Church and pray for you all. I certainly appreciate your prayers, your generosity, your friendship and your patient understanding of my heart and health problems. 

          May the Lord reward you all and keep us safe from Corona virus.

          Sincerely yours,

          Canon Desmond Millett


Following the letter of 18 March from the Bishops' Conference, there will be NO public Masses in the church until further notice.

You can, if you wish, access a live, streamed Mass online by going to: . Click on churches then choose England (or other country if you wish). You will have a choice of churches to click on to find out the times of live streaming. (St Osmund's Salisbury is among the choices)

The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is removed for the duration of this emergency.

Please pray for all victims of the coronavirus and offer help to elderly or housebound neighbours.